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"Exploring the Healing Power of Equine Assisted Services: The Benefits of connecting with horses.

There are many words that are used to describe Equine Assisted Services, more comonly known as "Equine Therapy". The term we will use today is EAS which encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health.

EAS has been shown to help Veterans cope with PTS, anxiety, depression and stress. The act of interacting with horses can promote emotional growth and personal insight, offering a sense of peace and calmness.

Working with horses requires patience, understanding, and non-verbal communication. When we learn to build trust with the animals, which can translate improved relationships overall.

Achieving goals in EAS, whether it's successfully leading a horse, or riding, can help boost self-confidence and self esteem. Interacting with horses requires us to be fully present and focued in the moment. This helps us with mindfulness. The horses are highly sensitive to human emotions, which can also help us be aware of our own feelings and how they may affect others.

These are just a few of the many benefits of EAS. It provides a uniquie and powerful therapeutic option for Veterans and others looking for something that extends beyond traditional therapy methods. It leverages the bond between humans and animals to healing, personal growth, and improved quality of life,


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