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Pretty Mama-aka"Sugar"

rescued from slaughter while in foal

2009-   Spotted Saddle horse mare

This beautiful sweet mare was sent to auction and purchased by kill buyers. She was bred and due to foal sometime soon. 

We meet her in March 2016 while she was in the holding facility to be shipped to Mexico for slaughter. She had three days before there would be enough horses for a full shipment. This was an unexpected encounter since we were doing a pick up for another rescue. (I do not support kill pens that say there are trying to help, but in reality they inflate the pricing on the horses because they know folks will most likely follow their hearts and send the money anyway. Which is another post here)  But here we were, she was kind , sweet and trusting.  We could see by the size of her belly it would be soon.  We talked to her and spent time with her, wondering how she ended up here.  Her situation broke our hearts.  I made some last minute attempts to try and find someone who could help bail her out or come get her.  There was no one. We had to leave her behind. Our small rescue could not afford to get her on such a short notice.   We could barely drive away.

 In fact we turned around, twice.  There was no time to waste, and it seemed it was up to us. She was being loaded on the truck the next day.  We took a chance and transferred the money, loaded up this beautiful mare and headed back to Tennessee.  Sugar ended up very sick due to the stress which brought down her immunity to fight off all the different strains of disease that harbor in the holding facilities. Our vet questioned if she would make it, let alone the foal she was carrying.   He said to bring her back in a few weeks if she made it through.  With much prayer and Young Living Essential Oils she pulled through.  Not only did she survive but so did her foal Yadah who was born perfect in everyway.

My view for the last few hours.  I've been so stressed and under pressure to get the Inn up and runn
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