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Meet Boone.  This smart, big hearted and handsome horse was first rescued by the Heart of Phoenix, in West Virginia.  He was basically locked in a stall and left to die... we saw his story and our hearts were touched.  We knew he needed to come live with us where we could show him people could be good, kind and loving.  A place where he could learn and trust again.  


The following video is of Boone's original rescue. Boone came to HHH the fall of 2014. He was out of danger and ready for full recovery.


Watch the emotional video on Boone's rescue below

Boone intake HOP
Boone intake
Boone and Sonora
Love at first sight
Freeze brand on Boone
He loves kids!
Bithday party with Boone
Boone was looking mighty handsome tonight as always!
A life sized image of Boone

Boone's transformation

As you can clearly see the transformation of this starved horse is truly amazing.  From abandonment, to starvation, rescue and rehab, Boone is a survivor.   Watching and helping with the task of bringing this horse "back" truly has been humbling, and life changing.   The bond, and trust we have formed with him is deep.  For this reason, and promises we have made to our rescue partners at Heart Of Phoenix Boone will always stay in our Santuary and never be adopted out.

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