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Foster a Horse

Are you considering fostering a rescue horse?  Our foster process is basically the same as our adoption process, as we consider a foster a temporary adoption until a permanent adopter is found. We try to place the horse with a foster similar to what we would look for in an adopter, or an experienced foster that is able to provide training, socialization, or other skills that will improve the horse's prospects for permanent adoption. 

The foster is responsible for the costs of care and maintenance. However, expenses incurred on behalf of the foster are considered a donation for the cost of care of the rescue horse, and they are tax deductible (to the limit permitted by law). Prior to fostering, the horse will typically be current with vaccines, dental care, hoof care, and worming.  It is the foster's responsibility to maintain, as needed.  The foster must also be available for adoption visits, photo sessions, and wellness checks, and also provide regular photos and updates. 

Once the right match has been found, the potential foster moves forward by filling out our Adoption/Foster Application and Agreement forms and obtains 10-12 photographs representative of the housing area (e.g. barn, hay/feed storage, shelter, perimeter and cross fencing, food and water sources, round pen, arena, stalls, paddocks, pastures, and other representative features that may apply, as well as prospective fosters other horses.  The prospective foster should submit the adoption form, the adoption agreement, and photos to the HHH Adoption/Foster Coordinator.

Upon receipt of complete adoption/foster packet, HHH reviews the application, conducts a reference check and performs a housing evaluation, which may include a home visit. The process typically takes three to five days, but depends predominantly on timely responses from references.  If the application is approved, HHH coordinates transportation, unless foster is able to transport.  If so, please include additional photos of your trailer, including complete interior and exterior photos. .

If you are interested in fostering one of these beautiful animals, please take time to schedule a personal visit by emailing us at To check out our current horses, please take a look at Our Horses.


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