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Ms Bettie- 1976-2018

Haven horse, forever home at Hosanna Horse Haven

This is Ms Bettie, a grand ole dame indeed. She has suffered a lot in her years, we will never know the full story. What we do know is the longer we have been with her the more loving and open her heart has become. 


 We adopted Bettie the fall of 2014 from our dear friends at the Heart of Phoenix rescue. Sadly to admit we weren't looking to adopt Bettie. Her ornery reputation was known throughout the whole barn. Everyone knew she had   an attitude, everyone knew she was protecting herself from humans. Bettie did not like to be touched much especially her legs, and feet. One can only imagine the reasons why. She was stubborn and short tempered, very pushy on the ground...we had heard about this one. Yes indeed.  


What happened that day, I'm sure, was a divine appointment for us to meet her.  You see we actually went to check in on Boone and spend some time with him.   We drove over 6 hours one way, excited to connect with Boone again. We had met him on a previous trip. It was walking Boone around and letting him graze when we heard a bit of ruckus in the barn. It was Bettie and a couple of volunteers. They were only trying to help her by treating a wound on her leg, but she wouldn't have any of it. That's when Will decided to go have a talk with her.  Minutes later I was summoned to Betties stall. Will reintroduced me to Bettie ,we had met briefly before and she didn't seem interested in  me.  This time was different, I'm not sure if it was my attitude that was different or Bettie's. But something happened, a connection. She picked us. We cried, and I asked for forgiveness for overlooking her the previous visits. Bettie came home with us a few weeks later.  


I don't know what we would do without her. Her spirit is contagious and she shows just as much or more love than any others we have had. She trusts us, we trust her. We love her, and she is home, forever. Bettie will never be adopted out, she is here now, and this is her haven.



Here is a post from the rescue by Tinia prior to us meeting Bettie...


"I implore the right experience person with a soft spot for a senior horse that has given and given to humans for 25 years only to be abused and starved to stop and consider giving a home to Bettie.

Her last. . . and prior to rescue, I imagine her only soft place to ever land.

She isn't going to be a horse for everyone. I will be frank. 

She has seen too much bad, been taken for granted and beaten on too long.

She needs an experienced hand and a kind soul, but she doesn't have to be reconciled to retirement. . . she is a solid girl and not ready to be a pasture ornament alone. I actually say a healthy, kind working relationship is EXACTLY what she needs to fine a good spot within!

This solid, beautifully grand old mare has seen horrors in her time. Her every move tells me and those around here that.

We honestly get few horses that have experienced emotional and physical abuse like this.

Take this has a heartfelt plea, a voice for her when, for 25 years, she clearly had no voice. . .

The right person out there, stop and read her story and consider making her last years worth living, redeem her belief in man-kind. Shoot, redeem mine.… - this video mentions here with the Minis we pulled out of the same situation"

Bettie is our horse from Heart of Phoenix Horse Rescue.  We adopted her last year.  She is around 32
Bettie 2014
Bettie had dinner guest tonight
Bettie 2014
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