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horse abuse

Neglect and abuse of horses is a big issue in the world today. Often neglect is not always intentional, but comes out of ignorance, loss of interest, or personal crisis. Hosanna Horse Haven horses have experienced neglect from the result of this. 


These are not excuses for the neglect and should be remedied.  Horses found in questionable situations are investigated by local law enforcement officials and cruelty investigators. If the case is indeed neglect and/or abuse, the horse may be removed and brought to us. 


After receiving a veterinary evaluation, the horse will start rehabilitation and, hopefully, get back on the road to health and happiness.

Please notify your local Humane Society, SPCA and local Law Enforcement if you are questioning the condition of any animal. You may contact us for more information. Horse abuse and neglect can occur anywhere, from any backyard pasture, to a private or public boarding stable.  Besides the obvious (no food, water, or shelter), the following are some additional signs of abuse and neglect:

• Unusually thin (spine and hips protruding)

• Lack of condition – dull coat & glassy eyes

• Untended, overgrown, padded or sored hooves

• Lethargic manner

• Limping (any form of lameness) or extreme stiffness

• Reluctant or unable to move, or down

• Unusual discharge from nose, mouth, eyes, or wound

• Weakness or distress

• Cuts & whip marks

• Spur marks

• Tack sores

• Extreme fear, depression and distrust

• Unattended wounds/injuries that are infected, ulcerated, or oozing

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