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Clover- was greatly loved   1993-2015

Clover, dear sweet clover, who suffered unimaginably prior to her rescue by our dear friends at Heart of Phoenix Rescue in West Virginia. 

Clover came to us in 2014 when I (Lisa) saw her youtube video (see below). It grieved her spirit deep to see such abuse. She knew this horse needed love, always, a safe place always, to feel needed and wanted always, to have a purpose.  She needed adopted by Will and Lisa.

We made the trip to see her and all I could do was cry uncontrollably. She looked so much better, but still had more recovery to do. Our adoption was approved, and she came home with Willie, whom she was always extremly attached to. At times I think it was more Willie than her, but being the caring mothering type she let him feel loved to. We used several Young Living Essential Oils on her, with plenty of high quality feed.

Clover was a gentle, sweet spirit who was very wise. She got along well with most horses, and all people. This was so amazing to me, that she was trusting to humans, which were the cause of all her suffering. I'm sure this was a result from the many talks Will and I both had with her, the promises we made to her, and the love, even to this day, that we have for her. Her life story changed me to the core. Clover lived her final happy days with us, playing with her friends and enjoying the fresh hay, good feed, and full belly, that was her new normal.

October 27, 2014 Clover was runing and playing with Willie and her other pasture mates just prior to feeding time. She suffered an aneurysm, and died instantly.   

Run free sweet Clover, while we only had the privilege of knowing you for a few short years, I pray they are the ones that made the most impact. That our love covered your past scars. 

Clover's story is what started our horse rescue journey. Our dream is they all know the love she found with us.

Clover's rescue video 
This was Clovers last ride.jpg You can see the kindness in her eye
Willie and Clover
Clover 2014
Clover while at Heart of Phoenix

Clover's last ride

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