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She had run out of time, and was scheduled to be put down just days before we were contacted by a barn worker who had fallen in love with her. 
She is safe and adopted in her forever home!

Beautiful Bella, she is such a sweet, kind and caring horse, very gentle and loving. She has had a rough life. Her previous owner left her behind at a very exclusive Hunter Jumper barn. All the beautiful cobblestone walks and custom stalls didn't matter when it came to responsibilities! Her owner tapped out, and left her behind. The stable owner kept her and fed her for almost two years, she put her out in a pasture with a run in shed and other horses . During that time there was a bad one knows what happened but Bella broke her jaw, and had the side of her face paralyzed.


A sweet young college student working her way through school fell in love with Bella. Bella ended up being the only reason she stayed at this barn. She nursed Bella back to Life and they became even more connected.

The barn owner set a vet appointment to have Bella put down. Jessica reached out to us to rescue Bella. At this time she had one week left. When we loaded Bella up we all promised to stay in touch. We talked a bit online and stayed in touch.

Two years later and we are now in Tennessee (her rescue was originally when we lived in Ohio), and we get a message from Jessica. She was on her anniversary trip and choose to come to Tennessee to visit Bella. These two both were instantly connected again once they saw each other <3. We told Jessica even though we loved Bella and she did love us back we could see it was on a different level that she connected to Jessica. She had definitely picked her to be her person. We told her once she got settled into a home if she had room we would bring Bella up to Michigan so they could be together. This was last year. Jessica and her husband are working hard and planing to be able to care for and have Bella at their home. They know the commitment is big and what they need to do.


They hope to bring her home next year. Help me by keeping them in your prayers so one day Jessica and Bella can live reunited. I just think this is so beautiful and inspiring I had to share.

UPDATE 2018  After four years at HHH Bella and Jessica have been reunited and living happily ever after!!!

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