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A old post about an old friend Ms. Bettie


EDIT!!! This post didn't publish when scheduled. Betties passed three years ago. When we found this post in the archieve it was decided to post regardless of if she is still on this earth or the next.

Bettie, thanks for your support! She is happy to stay cozy and warm this year at Hosanna Horse Haven. While we typically don't blanket our horses, Bettie needs one this year. She does have a great winter coat, but at 40 years old it's more difficult for her to keep warm. We do keep an eye on what her body condition is under her blanket, and on warm, non-windy days we take it off. It wasn't until this week that she needed a little extra warmth while out in her paddock. We also make sure she is getting enough nutrition, as she burns extra calories to keep warm. We feed Kalmbach Kalm N EZ to Bettie, 10 pounds a day actually. Its pelleted formula makes it easy to chew and digest. It gives her complete nutrition, along with free choice mineral. She does also chew on hay, which she enjoys

She spends her days with Red Lady and Boone. Which is interesting since when Bettie first came to us, she really didn't care for people, or other horses. Bettie is extremely attached to Red Lady. They have been close friends for the past two years.

With your help we can keep Bettie and her friends warm and safe this winter.


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