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Willie the Brave

Black TWH Gelding
14.2 HH

Willie came to us in the summer of 2014. He was originally rescued by our friends at Heart of Phoenix in West Virginia.

While Wilie shows no signs of abuse on the outside, his wounds are deep within. His previous owners did not know how to handle him, they were afraid of him, and treated him with fear, anger, and a heavy hand.

 He came into the rescue when someone traded for another horse and ended up with Willie. When Willie was brought to this family the previous owner unloaded him battered and bloody. His nose was broke open, he was wild eyed, and so very terrified.  

She sent him to Heart of Phoenix where, Dorella and Nicky from HOP worked to get him trusting again. He spent many days in the corner of his stall. In fact the stall is the scariest place for him to be. He was so afraid to move, he was lovingly refered to as "the leaning tower of Willie". His trust issues were so bad that the day he finally accepted a treat from a volunteers hand, the whole barn crew celebrated. Through many hours, and natural training methods they were able to get him to respond.  


Lisa and Will met Willie shortly after. After spending time with him it was agreed upon that he would stay with them as a "Haven" horse and live out the rest of his days with them. He came home to Hosanna Horse Haven with the love of his life, Clover, who he bonded with on his 7 hour ride home. They were unseperable until Clover passed over the rainbow bridge in 2015. He then became bonded with Aribella and Atty, who are also "Haven" horses.

Willie has come to trust those who spend time with him. He is smart and very sensitive. His desire is to please, and now is brave enough to go on adventures. He does have a strong flight response, and must always be ridden and handled with caution. When he is ridden, he seems to respond with bravery, being proud of himself that he could do what was asked. He is actually more fearful of people and other horses than he is of scary bridges and obstacles.

Willie will always stay at HHH, he is understood, safe, and dearly loved. Watch our blog for adventures on the trail with Willie!

Willie looking g handsome in his new Skips Bitless Bridles.  We went off the farm for a small trail
Willie and Clover
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