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Hey There

We are so glad you care about the welfare of these majestic, sweet souls.  Horses capture the moment and keep us in the present, they are special unique animals that have given so much of themselves and ask very little in return.   Help us be the voice of sanctuary animals.  We believe they deserve the same attention and support to live their lives, as other horses who are just starting their rescue journey.   Read below if you would like to know more about our sanctuary.

Have you ever wondered where horses go after all the funds have been raised by the big rescues?  Many people unknowingly donate to rescues who provide little of the funds back to the horses.

We are different.....we have no paid board members, all donations go to the horse or our programs.  No horses lost in the adoptions out,  to make our numbers look good.  Do you know many rescues only keep their animals for 30, 60, or 90 days, then they euthanize, many calling it the 'last act of kindness"?  In reality those organizations want to make room for a new horse that will tug on your heartstrings for urgent rescue donations. 

Follow us and you'll see it's all about then horse here at Hosanna Horse Haven.  We have a commitment and dedication to the ones we saved.  Read their stories, ask us questions, and come visit.  You'll quickly learn why we are a true Haven for the rescues.

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