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Haven horse not availble for adoption

Cherokee lives at the Haven with the "Paint" family.  He has been with us since the spring of 2016.

His story is not one of starvation, or abandonment .  No he is a champion.  Top bloodlines, and confirmation, amazing gait and social personality, smart and willing.  A big guy, 16.3 and oh so handsome.  In fact you may wonder why he is here at all.

Until you see him in a stressful, (or what he may see as stressful) situation....

You see, Cherokee was purchased by a wonderful woman of ours at a young age.  She did her due dilegence searching for the perfect horse for her.  Thats how she found him. Although she paid a dear price to get him free from his breeder and training environment she considered him a rescue.

Cherokee was put in heavy training, as a youngster.  The long hours, and demands of perfection started taking a toll on him early, mentally. He found ways to comfort himself with weaving, head bobbing and pacing. Those traits are undesirable for most horse people.  For Karen and also for us, they make us love him more.

After a heartfelt consideration of his circumstance and what his fate may be if he burnt out, she decided there was no choice other than to bring him home. She put him with other horses at her farm, and let him be normal.  She didn't start any training or ask much from him, for about a year.  During that time they bonded, trust was earned, and they started learning and training together.  

He stayed with her and was her trusty trail partner for years. Since  Cherokee hadn't been on many trail rides with her lately, he was semi-retired. However, despite Cherokee's size and temperament issues, she felt in her heart it would be a great match for someone who did not do heavy mountain riding.  She dontated Cherokee to Hosanna Horse Haven, we will find him the perfect forever home.   

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