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Thank You for Blessing us with your generosity

Costs are averaged to reach a monthly amount.

Medical,  Dental and Farrier cost fluctuate with individual needs.  Our estimates are on the low side of averages, and are as follows:

Hay 600.00 /per month for our current herd

Feed 900.00 /per month for our current herd

Dental Care per float is 90.00/visit, per horse

Barefoot hoof trim 45.00/trim, per horse

Supplements/Oils 5.00-35.00/horse, per month

Worming per rotation 13.00 (every 2-3 months)

 Emergency Medical Care can start at 200.00 per incident

 Inital Vaccines, Coggins and Health Certificates, Worming upon intake 120.00

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