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Horse Grazing

How you can help

Hosanna Horse Haven is committed to providing accessible equine assisted services to those who need it most. By supporting our horses, you are helping us make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals in our community. Explore our basic cost to learn more about how we manage our herd and how you can support them today.

If you click on the button directly below you can buy a gift card for a horse.  If you want to support a specific horse please mention that in the gift card form.

Checks should be made and sent to:

Hosanna Horse Haven, Inc

12675 County Road I

Bryan, OH 43506

Yadah was happy his dad gave him the checkbook.jpg

Thank You for Blessing us with your generosity

Costs are averaged to reach a monthly amount.

Medical,  Dental and Farrier cost fluctuate with individual needs.  Our estimates are on the low side of averages, and are as follows:

Hay 600.00 /per month for our current herd

Feed 900.00 /per month for our current herd

Dental Care per float is 90.00/visit, per horse

Barefoot hoof trim 45.00/trim, per horse

Supplements/Oils 5.00-35.00/horse, per month

Worming per rotation 13.00 (every 2-3 months)

 Emergency Medical Care can start at 450.00 per incident

 Inital Vaccines, Coggins and Health Certificates, Worming upon intake 850.00

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