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Awesomeness for your horses hooves!

Scoot Boots

Have you heard about these wickedly, awesome boots that have helped the eventing and trail horses? Well, if not let me share just a bit!

It seems all of our barefoot folks, who do very much riding need extra protection for the horse's hooves. Even with the best natural sole, if you ride much, your horses hooves can wear down quickly, and even become bruised. Especially in my area, where we have a lot of sandstone, and rocks. I've tried several boots, most seemed okay , but eventually did not hold up, or only fit for a short time right after a trim. Depending on what the weather, and terrain was of a particular trail, I felt like I needed a different boot for each ride!

Well, let me introduce a boot that's gonna rock your barefoot world!!! SCOOT BOOTS!!! We knew after researching and seeing the design, that these were the boots we wanted to use for our horses. The excellent drainage, and lightweight footprint has me super excited. (I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so we can start sharing more as we work the horses.) I love the fact that there are no cables, or dreaded velcro. It seems, my frustration with boots only fitting for the first week and a half of a trim will be quenched, due to this design. Plus, there's no bulk on the side, for my clumsy horse to scrape herself on. Did I say I was excited???

In talking with the folks at Scoot Boots and expressing out excitement about their boots we found out we have something in common. Not only were they concerned, like us, with the welfare and comfort of the horse, but they have a heart for rescues! After telling them our story, the we are thrilled to announce they will be sponsoring our therapy horses each with a complimentary pair. How amazingly blessed we feel about that news!!!

So if that's not enough excitement in my world, we also have been approved to become a retailer for Scoot Boot. Hosanna Horse Haven will do complementary fittings, and order your horses perfect fit for you. We will also carry a few popular sizes in stock, so give us a call and set up a time to stop by....your barefoot horse will thank you! Happy Trails, and Many Blessings!!

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