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Tribute Equine Nutrition

We love our feed. What else can I say? Will and I have used Kalmbach feeds for years. Weather it be for goats,sheep, horses, chickens, ducks, dogs, rabbits, pigs; well you name it we have fed it.

Before we made the big move from Ohio to Tennessee we had horses on Tribute Feeds which is made by Kalmbach. Our feed of choice is Kalm and Easy which can be used for most horses. It gives us the most bang for our buck and the horses in our care thrive on the nutrition. (We use it on our oldest horse Miss Bettie, our insulin resistant horse Atty, as well as our young yearlings Yadah, Two Socks and Paint.)

For a time there was a point when we didn't have access to our favorite feed. We were at the mercy of our local Co-op who mixed our horse feed in the same mill as livestock feed, (which has momensum) it seemed they never had the same feed or quality of feed when we needed it. We usually buy a ton of feed at a time so it stays fresh. What happened? Our horses lost weight quickly. Their coats became dull and they lost muscle mass. We tried several different types and could not find anything that measured up to 920P. Well crap, now what? We still had our farm account, but the trip was 13 hours there and back. That's a tall order to do morning chores, drive a 13 hour round trip, and do night time chores. Could we do it? Could Will do it? Should we do it? We found out our farm account was still active, so as long as we picked it up at the plant, we could still purchase it.

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