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Welcome Cox Shavings!

Cox Shavings Sponsorship

Once again we are blown away by the support we are getting. We are excited to announce Hosanna Horse Haven Equine Sanctuary and Therapy program will be sponsored by Cox Shavings. They are donating a years worth of shavings for our horses.

For those not familiar with Cox Shavings, they make high quality shavings with very little to no dust. In addition to our sponsorship, these huge 9 cubic foot bags will also be available for retail at our stable location.

The retail price is $5.00 for the large bag. When you compare Cox Shavings other shavings available local you see the incredible savings on this 9 cubic foot bag. We surely appreciate the consistency and quality of their product, and know once you try them you will too. The proceeds of every bag we retail will go back to support Hosanna Horse Haven. We feel this is a win for HHH and our local horsey community! Call 931-704-5938 to place your order.

A sincere thank you to the Cox Shavings family for caring and having a heart for horses in need.

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