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Pretty Mama

Posted on March 25, 2016 by Lisa Allomong

Today was a good day. We decided to name her Scarlet. A beautiful name for a beautiful horse. Scarlet was was turned out today in pasture. She grazed and ran and played. When it was time to come in it took a little coaxing, I'm sure we will win her trust soon. I can only imagine what she has been through these past few days. She is safe now, she is loved now.

Posted on March 26, 2016 by Lisa Allomong

Today was a better day. Miss Scarlet seems to be a follower and has decided she wants to be friends with one of our other horses , so when she saw the other horses get lead in from all the different pastures she decided to hang around by her gate for awhile. It took only a small amount of coaxing today and she was good with walking up to the gate and letting Will snap on the lead rope. I then stood with her for awhile and she was just perfect. So sweet and calm. This is was such a better outcome from last night when she ran and tore around the pasture. Trust is earned and built day by day. Thank you for following her story!

Posted on March 27, 2016 by Lisa Allomong

Scarlet is starting to settled in and get used to her routine. We take them out to pasture in the morning after he dew dries, and then bring them back to their stalls just before sunset so them can eat more hay and their pellets. She actually comes to the gate now ands wait is for her turn. She she still is not eating much of her feed which does concern is, so we will have our equine dentist out to check her teeth to make sure there isn't a dental reason that would make it difficult or painful for her to chew grain. (Even though she seems fine eating grass in the pasture) Have a blessed Easter! Thank you for following and sharing her story.

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