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Saved from Slaughter

This beautiful sweet mare was sent to auction and purchased by kill buyers. She was bred and due to foal sometime soon. We meet her while she was in the holding facility to be shipped to Mexico for slaughter. She was kind , sweet and trusting. We could see by the size of her belly it would be soon. We talked to her and spent time with her, wondering how she ended up here. Her situation broke our hearts. I made some last minute attempts to try and find someone who could help bail her out or come get her. There was no one. We had to leave her behind. Our small rescue could not afford to get her on such a short notice. We could barely drive away. In fact we turned around, twice. There was no time to waste she was being loaded on the truck the next day. We were able to secure a small loan to get her safe.

Please help us spread the word by sharing her story, and watch our Facebook page for updates. Thanks and may God bless your generosity.

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