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Hosanna Horse Haven

A few of you know, but not as many as need to. We have amaizingly beautiful rescue horses that are stabled at Wildwood. The rescue is Hosanna Horse Haven and was born in Ohio before our relocation to the beautiful hills of Tennessee. We are thrilled to have finally transferred all the official paperwork for the rescue to Tennessee and expect our official 501(3)c status to be complete within the next 3-5 months. (In the mean time any donations made can still be deducted on your taxes for charity if you choose to donate to the horses).

Rescue to me was not something I choose. It was something I already was. Something that still to this day drives me deep inside. I love to give back to the horses and see the light return back to their eyes. For many they are resigned to the fact that humans are the enemy, that long days of abuses and neglect are their lot in life. Some abandoned, some starved, some find themselves rehomed time and time again after life changes of their owners. What ever their history is, we give them love, hope and a future. When the connection is made it's a magical thing...their is nothing in my life that can compare. There are no words for it....

We currently have 3 personal horses that we do not use rescue funds for. There are 7 who are "Haven" horses that will live the remainder of their days with us, these horses general are old, have medical conditions , too young, or are bonded with the herd and will not be adopted out. We currently have one handsome BLM branded mustang that is currently available.

Make sure to check out our Hosanna Horse Haven tab here on this website. Like our Facebook page and help us spread the word. Stay tuned and read the stories as we begin to share with you.

~If you are in the area please give us a call, our horses and their people would love to meet you!~

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