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Wintertime Blues

Winter is always a trying time for most rescues. Owner surrenders, seizures, and abandoned horse numbers soar in the winter months. As the pastures fades, and hay prices soar things turn bad quickly. Many rescues are overwhelmed with winter time surrender and rescue requests. Unfortunately Hosanna Horse Haven isn't any different.

Because we are committed to the horses currently in our care, as well as those who need us it's a tough, tough time. What do we do? How do we make sure our current horses have the very best we can provide for them? What should we do? Who else will help us? How do we budget? Those are questions we face everyday. Rescue life is not for the uncommitted or faint in heart. There are times we can not take in even one more. It stinks, it's hard, people don't

understand, period. But we NEED to do something! If no one else steps up, it's us.

What can we do, and still remain committed to those already in our care, and those who we have previously adopted out who may need to return? We can seek to find foster homes, for the owners in trouble, for the craigslist ads, for the non-seizure type surrenders. We can facilitate helping those owners place their horses in safe homes, by owner assisted adoptions. Our goal is to keep these horses from ending up in the auction on a meat truck, or staving. To get them safe. The caveat is you...yes you, the one who is reading this. We can only do this (and everything else we do), with your help. Your connections, your talents, your blessings. We need you, our very survival, depends on support from you. If you can foster, or assist us in placing horses please jump in and get involved.

They are several ways you can help us no matter what your skills are, even if you don't have horse handling experience. From stall cleaning to social media, we need you! Not a hands on person that's okay, watch for our posts, share our information, and pray for us!

Thank you for your continued support, we dearly appreciate each and every one of you!

Atty at Shipshewana Auction

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