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Hip-hip-hur HAY!!!!

We are beyond thrilled to have been awarded a micro grant from Fleet of Angels for our emergency hay fund!!

The amount of support they show to at risk equines and the rescues that care for them is unwavering. Since 2014 we have been members of Fleet of Angels helping to transport at risk horses to their new homes.

August 2022 was tough for our organization. With the lack of donations, and funding and increasing costs across the board we were facing some seriously heartbreaking decisions, for our extremely bonded herd.

I reached out to Fleet of Angels, and applied for their micro grant. I was humbled and relieved the next day to be awarded the grant for Hosanna Horse Havens' hay fund.

Thank you, Fleet of Angels, for filling in the gap, and the huge impact this had on our horses and organization. Your generosity and always caring for the horses has touched not only our horses but thousands across the globe. We will never forget your kindness.


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